C'est Si Bon

Sell Me
I Wanna Be Evil
Waray Waray
The Touch
How Could You Believe Me
Zhara Bee Zha Zha
Champagne Taste
C'mon A My House
Old Fashioned Girl
C'est Si Bon
Rumania Rumania

Different Album than below. Actually a reissue of "Live at the Plaza"


A 225

C'est Si Bon

I Want to Be Evil
C'est Si Bon
Angelitos Negros (Black Angels)
Avril Au Portugal (April in Portugal)
Let's Do It
My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Uska Dara - A Turkish Tale
African Lullaby
Mountain High, Valley Low
Lilac Wine
Under the Bridges of Paris
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Different Album than above