This is the place to see Eartha in her most purrrrrrrrrrrr-fect rrrrrrrrrrrrole. Several have had the part, we think Eartha was best (no surprise). Before scrolling down to the photos of Eartha as CATWOMAN see if you can guess who said the quotes below. The answer might surrrrrrrrr-prize you. (Just move your mouse over the cats to get your answer.) The winner of the recent "Biography" on A&E pole for favorite Catwoman with an amazing 50% of the vote was Eartha Kitt !!  


BATMAN (TV Episodes)
with Extra Special Guest Villainess Eartha Kitt

108 Catwoman's Dressed To Kill 12/14/67

110 The Funny Feline Felonies 12/28/67

111 The Joke's On Catwoman 1/4/68

(Halle) Berry confesses to being a fan of the original Catwoman of the 1960's TV series, Eartha Kitt. "I had to resist mimicking Eartha Kitt. That's so in my inner-psyche."  

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