C'est Si Bon - Live In Tivoli
After Dark

I Had A Hard Day Last Night
An Englishman Needs Time
Santa Baby
It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House
Little White Lies
Love For Sale
Lola Lola
La Finjan
I Want To Be Evil
Just An Old Fasioned Girl
C'est Si Bon

CD reissues of the fairly rare Eartha LP Live at Tivoli. Track order on After Dark has been shifted, causing the album to sound very choppy, because of the disjointed audience applause.

"I Had a Hard Day Last Night" is one of a handful of songs written by Ms Kitt. Most noteable about this song is that it was written before the Beatles song "A Hard Days Night".

EEC #22553CD
England #16106CD
(Same Cover art)

DVAD 609-2

(*track order shifted)