C'est Si Bon

20 tracks

C'est Si Bon
Uska Dara (A Turkish Tale)
Bal Petit Bal
(from New Faces)
(from New Faces)
I Want To Be Evil
Angelitos Negros
(Paint Me Black Angels)
Avril Au Portugal
(April in Portugal)
Lilac Wine
African Lullaby
Mountain High Valley Low
Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Santa Baby
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
Let's Do It
Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell
Mink Shmink
Tea In Chicago (from Mrs Patterson)
My Daddy Is A Dandy
(from Mrs Patterson)
This Year's Santa Baby
Under The Bridges Of Paris

Naxos Nostalgia
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Of Note: Fabulous cover, digitally remastered, detailed track listing, 5 page booklet with liner notes. Also, has the Track "This Year's Santa Baby", one of the more difficult Eartha tracks to find.