Eartha Kitt - The Collection
EMI Gold
(Reissued version without flaw with extras)

I've Got You Under My Skin (Born To Dance)
When The World Was Young
Wonderful Illusions
Easy To Love
September Song
You'll Never Know
Speak Low
Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
Chez Moi
In The Still Of The Night (Rosalie)
Love For Sale
Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)
Girl From Ipanema
Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
Too Close For Comfort
Guess Who I Saw Today
C'est Magnifique (Can Can)
I Wish You Love
My Man
Moon River
Last Time I Saw Paris

A little information on this issue of these 2 classic Eartha albums.

I can't remember the last time a Record/CD company did what I am going to share here. The releasing of these 2 albums has had a colorful past (more infornation below). EMI decided to give it one more go. This is a perfect example of "Third time's a charm". Actually it's more of a gem. Not only has EMI UK taken the time and spent the money to fix the flaw on the last reissue of this ablum, but they have added so much more. The 2 albums are now complete and in the original track order as originally released on the LP's. Also, they have not skimped on the booklet. This version has a complete booklet, including current liner notes and reproductions of the original UK album covers, both fronts and backs with original liner notes. With a release date of 12/21/06 they have given all of us a great Christmas gift. You can order it at, just be sure to order The Collection with the black and white image of Eartha as this is the version to get!

A little info on former attempts to issue the 2 classic Eartha Albums on CD.

The ultimate collection of the albums Eartha for Always /Love for Sale and Best of All Possible Worlds/The Romantic Eartha . EMI released a similar CD Titled The Eartha Kitt Collection in 2000 as part of the HMV Easy series, but it was missing 2 songs. They also released The Collection, an almost complete combination of the 2 albums in 2006, but for some reason the tracks from the 2 albums were shuffled and intermixed on the CD. Also, the first several seconds of the first track "Moon River" were missing.

EMI Gold
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