Four Classic Albums

Disc 1
1. I Want to be Evil
2. C'est Si Bon
3. Angelitos Negros
4. Avril au Portugal (The Whispring Serenade)
5. Let s Do It (Lets Fall In Love)
6. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
7. Uska Dara (A Turkish Tale)
8. African Lullaby
9. Mountain High, Valley Low
10.Lilac Wine
11.Under the Bridges of Paris
12.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
13.I Wantcha Around
14.Do You Remember?
15.Looking For A Boy
16. I've Got That Lovin Bug Itch
17. Oh John! (Please Dont Kiss Me)
18. Strangers in the Starlight
19. The Day that the Circus Left Town
20. Après Moi
21. The Heel
22. Mambo De Paree
23. My Heart s Delight
24. Hey Jacque
25. Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
26. Somebody Bad Stole de Wedding Bell (Whos Got de Ding Dong?)

Disc 2
1. Santa Baby
2. Fascinating Man
3. Mademoiselle Kitt
4. Oggere
5. No Importa Si Menti
6. Lisbon Antigua (In Old Lisbon)
7. Just an Old-Fashioned Girl
8. Le Danseur de Charleston
9. Lazy Afternoon
10. Jonny
11. If I Cant Take It With Me When I Go
12. Thursday's Child
13. Lullaby of Birdland
14. St. Louis Blues
15. Beale Street Blues
16. Chantez Les Bas (Sing Em Low)
17. Hesitating Blues
18. Steal Away
19. Careless Love
20. Atlanta Blues (Make Me One Pallet on Your Floor)
21. Long Gone (from Bowling Green)
22. Hist the Window, Noah
23. Yellow Dog Blues
24. Friendless Blues
25. The Memphis Blues
26. Put More Wood on the Fire
27. This Year s Santa Baby

Disc 1
Tracks 1-12 That Bad Eartha
Tracks 13-24 Down To Eartha
Tracks 25-26 Bonus Tracks

Disc 2
Tracks 1 Bonus
Tracks 2-13 Thursday's Child
Tracks 14-25 St. Louis Blues
Tracks 26-27 Bonus Tracks

I have not heard this set yet, though I am familiar with all the songs. One of the best features of this set is the very last track. "This Year's Sata Baby" (yes, that is actually the name of the track) was released in 1956 as a follow up becuase of the success of "Santa Baby" the previous year. Orchestration is identical to the inital release but lyrics are different, though they do relate to the original song. An example is where Eartha laments that the yacht has sprung a leak and sings, " Santa Dear please hold your breath, and bring me the Queen E-liz-a-beth..."

This is about 2/5's of the Bear box set which often sells for $125.00 or more that you can get for about $15.00.


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