Just An Old-Fashioned Girl: Her 25 Finest 1952-1955

Just An Old-Fashioned Girl
Lilac Wine
I Want To Be Evil
C'est Si Bon
African Lullaby
Mountain High, Valley Low
Angelitos Negros
Uska Dara
Avril Au Portugal (April in Portugal)
Lovin Spree
Somebody Bad Stole De Weddin Bell
Under The Bridges Of Paris
Let s Do It, Let s Fall In Love
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
The Blues
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
If I Love Ya Then I Need Ya, If I Need Ya Then I Wantcha Around
Hey, Jacque!
Tea In Chicago
Strangers In The Starlight
The Day That The Circus Left Town
Santa Baby

ASIN: B001IO15O2
RTR 4123

Of Note: This set has been remastered, has a great and informative track listing section, an 8 page booklet, and new liner notes ending just short of her passing in December of 2008.