That Bad Eartha & Down to Eartha

1. Just an Old-fashioned Girl
2. If I Canít Take It With Me When I Go

3. Under the Bridges of Paris
4. Letís Do It
(Letís Fall in Love)
5. The Blues
(from the Black, Brown and Beige Suite)
6. Cíest Si Bon
(Itís So Good)
7. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
8. Monotonous
(from the film "New Faces")
9. Sandyís Tune
10. SeŮor (Senor)
11. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
(from Roberta)
12. Salanga Dou

13. (If I Love Ya, Then I Need Ya, If I Need Ya) I Wantcha Around
14. Do You Remember?
15. Looking for a Boy
(from "Tiptoes")
16. Iíve Got That Loviní Bug Itch
17. Oh John! (Please Donít Kiss Me)
18. Strangers in the Starlight
19. The Day That the Circus Left Town
20. AprŤs Moi
21. The Heel
22. Mambo de Paree
23. My Heartís Delight
24. Hey Jacque

25. There is No Cure for L íAmour

Reissue of the LP "Down to Eartha" and the LP "That Bad Eartha".. "That Bad Eartha" was also issued as a seperate CD.


CDVS 1955

Of Note: It is fun to compare this to the US disc of the same name, especially since the original US and UK versions had different covers. Also, the US release of "That Bad Eartha" had only 5 tracks in common with the UK release of the same name.

Vocalation has also added 4 bonus tracks to this release. The boolet is only 4 pages but does include the original covers and reprints the original liner notes from both albums.

The UK release of "That Bad Eartha" was subtitled - A Programme of Enticing Songs by Eartha Kitt

Tracks 1,2,25 are bonus tracks
Tracks 3-12 are from That Bad Eartha - A Programme of Enticing Songs by Eartha Kitt
Tracks 13-24 are from Down to Eartha