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Eartha Kitt on Film, Stage, and Screen

  Eartha on TV              
  Series Filmed Role Episode Ep # Aired Available Note
  Your Show of Shows (Ed Sullivan) 1950 self     5/29/1954   17 different appearances
  Omnibus 1952 Salome Salome   12/18/1955    
  Ben Casey 1961   Horse Named Stravinsky 4.31 5/17/1965 16 MM Plays a doctors wife with a drug problem
  Burke's Law 1963 Witch Doctor Who Killed the Rest? 2.25 3/17/1965    
  Celebrity Game, The 1964 self         "Guest Panelist"
  I Spy 1965   Loser, The 1.6 10/20/1965 DVD Emmy Nomination "Outstanding single performance by an actress in a drama role."
  Mission:Impossible 1966 Tina Mara Traitor, The 1.26 4/15/1967 DVD  
  Batman 1966 Catwoman Catwoman's Dressed to Kill 3.14 12/14/1967 Bootleg Go to Eartha's Catwoman Page.
  Batman 1966 Catwoman Funny Feline Felonies 3.16 12/28/1967 Bootleg Go to Eartha's Catwoman Page.
  Batman 1966 Catwoman Joke's on Catwoman, The 3.17 1/4/1968 Bootleg Go to Eartha's Catwoman Page.
  Protectors, The 1972 Carrie Blaine A Pocket Full of Posies     VHS (PAL)  
  Miami Vice 1984 Sister Rowena Whatever Works 2.2 10/04/1985   Voodoo expert
  Forty Minutes: Adventures in the Skin Trade 1990 self         UK TV
  Matrix 1993 Sister Rowena Moths to a Flame 1.5 3/29/1993   Eartha as a motorcycle riding nun.
  Magic School Bus, The 1994 voice of Mrs Franklin - Keesha's Grandmother Going Batty        
  Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast 1994 self Batmantis 8 9/30/1994    
  New York Undercover 1994 Mrs Stubbs Student Affairs 2.7 10/12/1995    
  Living Single 1993 Jacqueline Richards He Works Hard for the Money 3.8 10/19/1995   * Eartha was nominated for an Image award for this role as "Outstanding single performance by an actress in a comedy series."
  Nanny, The 1993 self A Pup in Paris 3.27 5/20/1996    
  Nanny, The 1993 self Tart with Heart, The 4.1 9/18/1996   uncredited
  RuPaul Show, The 1996 self         Coocking Woman
  Wild Thornberrys, The 1998 voice of Lioness #1 Flood Warning 1.1 9/1/1998   Voice
  Rosanne Show, The 1998 self     10/30/1998   Halloween show like only Rosanne can do. Eartha and Rosanne fly in dressed as the Wicked Witches from stage show "Wizard of Oz".
  Famous Jett Jackson 1998 Albertine Whethers Field of Dweebs 2.1 8/22/1999    
  Welcome to New York 2000 June Jim Get's an Apartment 1.3 10/25/2000   recurring role as a neighbor
  Welcome to New York 2000 June The Car 1.5 11/08/2000   recurring role as a neighbor
  Oz 1997 self Medium Rare 4.9 1/7/2001    
  VH1: 100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll 1999           VH-1 asked many of today's top music artists to name their choices for the greatest women in Rock 'n Roll and they named Eartha Kitt #89
  It's Black Entertainment 2000 self       VHS/DVD archive footage
  Feast of All Saint's (Anne Rice's) 2001 Lola Dede         2001 Mini-Series
  Santa, Baby! 2001 voice       CD/DVD Cartoon about a song writer down on his luck. A few different versions of "Santa Baby" including a Techno version, and version with Patti LaBelle and Vanessa Williams.
  Inside TV Land: African Americans in TV 2002 self       VHS  
  VH-1 Where Are They Now: Superheros   self         Eartha as catwoman
  TV Land Awards   self          
  Biography on A&E 2004 self Catwoman   7/20/2004 VHS Stars Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pfeifer, and Halle Berry
  Eartha in Movies and or on DVD
  Film Filmed Role Available Note
  Casbah 1948 self/dancer       VHS Dancer with the Katherine Dunham dance troup.
  White Party USA Presents: Divas of Dance 2005 self     7/25/05 DVD Video of "Where is My Man"
  New Faces 1954 self       VHS Film version of Broadway show "New Faces of 52"

Mark of the Hawk, The

1957 Renee       VHS/DVD Sidney Poitier's wife.
  St Louis Blues 1958 Gogo Germaine       VHS night club singer
  Anna Lucasta 1958 Anna Lucasta     6/05 DVD  

Saint of Devil's Island, The
Seventy Times Seven


Get Off My Back

1965 Betty Coleman       bootleg  

Onkel Toms Hutte
Uncle Tom's Cabin

1965 singer       VHS/CD uncredited roll,cut from shorter versions of film. Runtime varies from 118min. US version, 125min. French version, 170 min. German version.
  All About People 1967 Narrator          

Up the Chastity Belt
The Chastity Belt
Naughty Knights

1971 Scherazade       VHS* *UK/Germany only. In only one scene, but Oh, what a scene.
  Lieutenant Schuster's Wife 1972 lady         TV Movie
  Friday Foster 1975 Madame Rena       VHS/DVD Blackspoitation Pam Greer film
  To Kill a Cop 1978 Paula         TV Movie
  All By Myself 1982 self         "The Eartha Kitt Story" bio/documentary
  Night on the Town, A 1983 singer       DVD

Region 2 DVD available at Dress Circle website. Eartha performs "Alexander's Ragtime Band*" and "Love for Sale"

*Not available on any other recording!

  Serpent Warriors, The 1985            
  Dragonard 1987 Naomi       VHS Madame of a house of ill repuit.
  Pink Chiquitas, The 1987 Voice of Betty, "The Meteor"       VHS Betty makes occasional purring sounds as she hearls toward Earth(a).
  Erik the Viking 1989 Freya       DVD*/VHS* *available UKand Germany
  Master of Dragonard Hill 1989 Naomi       VHS Madame of a house of ill repuit. Sequal to "Dragonard"
  Living Doll 1990         VHS (PAL)  
  Ernest Scared Stupid 1991 Old Lady Hackmore       DVD  
  Boomerang 1992 Lady Eloise       VHS/DVD/Laser "Mar-r-r-r-cus, I'm not wear-r-r-r-ing any panties"
  Fatal Instinct 1993 First Trial Judge       VHS/DVD One scene.
  Unzipped 1995 self       VHS/Laserdisc Uncredited. Issac Mizrhi also does a brief Eartha imitation.
  Harriet the Spy 1996 Agatha K. Plummer       VHS Eccentric neighbor with pink hair
  Ill Gotten Gains 1997 voice of "The Wood"       VHS/DVD Voice of "The Wood"
  I Woke Up Early the Day I Died 1998 self       VHS (PAL)*
*German release
  Emperor's New Groove, The 2000 voice of "Yzma/Yzma Kitty"      
Flim originally called "Kingdom of the Sun". Eartha received an "Annie" award as "Outstanding individual achievement for Voice Acting by female performer in an animated feature production."
  Holes 2002 Madame Zeroni      
Official Holes website includes Eartha in preview trailer
  The Making and Meaning of "We Are Family" 2002 self      
  Sweatbox, The 2002 self         Documentary (by Sting's wife) on the problems associated with the Disney movie "Emperor's New Groove"
  Anything But Love
(Standard Time)
2003 self       DVD musical romance. Eartha performs "Walk That Says Yes"
  On the One 2004           in post production
Two twins, both raised in Harlem, N.Y., take divergent paths when they grow up. One becomes a minister - while the other becomes a gangster rapper.
  The Emperor's New School (TV Series) 2005 voice of Yzma         filming now
TV spin-off of film.
  The Emperor's New Groove II 2005 voice of Yzma         filming now
likely a straight to video release
  Instant Karma 2005           in pre-production
A visual effects-laden comedy about a safecracker who dies and is reincarnated as a series of animals.
  Cherrys 2005           in pre-production
Coming out as a lesbian, a teenage girl (Smollett) learns a wealth of family secrets.
  Eartha Kitt Live at The Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2008 Self       DVD - Region 0 Available Now.
  Eartha on Stage
  Show Year Role Theater Country Notes
  A Caribbean Rhapsody   Dancer Prince of Wales   UK   With the Katherine Dunham Dance Troup
  New Faces 1952   Royale Theatre   US   Broadway show made into a film.
  Mrs. Patterson 1955 Theodora (Teddy) Hicks National Theatre   US   Broadway Show
  Shinbone Alley 1957 Mehitabel (a house cat) Broadway Theatre   US CD Broadway Show. Standby for Ms Kitt was Chita Rivera.
  Jolly's Progress 1959 Jolly Rivers Longacre Theatre   US   Broadway Play. Standby for Ms Kitt was Cicely Tyson.
  The Eartha Kitt Show 1962 ? self     Australia    
  The Owl and the Pussycat 1965 Doris W. Shubert Theatre   US    
  Peg 1968 Peg Morrison Pennsylvania   US   Musical staging and coreography by Katherine Dunham
  Live at Tivoli   self Tilvoli     LP/CD Performance of her show recorded as "Live at Tivoli"
  The High Bid 1970 Mrs. Gracedew Criterion Theatre   UK    
  Bunny 1972 Bunny Novak Criterion Theatre   UK    
  Timbuktu ! 1978 Sahleem-La-Lume Mark Hellinger Theatre   US some songs on LP "Timbuktu" also bootleg video Tony Nomination - Actress in a Musical
  Follies 1987 Carlotta Campion Shaftesbury Theatre   UK   Eartha sang "I'm Still Here"
  Eartha Kitt in Concert 1989 self Shaftesbury Theatre   UK LP/CD 13 performances. Recorded as the hard to find 2 CD set "Live in London"
  Aladdin 1989 The Genie Palace Theatre   UK    
  An Evening with Eartha Kitt   self Carnegie Hall   US    
  Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill 1996   Anthenaeum Theatre        
  The Wizard of Oz 1998 Wicked Witch Madison Square Garden     CD
bootleg video
"The Jitterbug", a musical number cut from the movie was added back in for Ms Kitt.
  Wild Party 2000 Dolores Montoya Virginia Theater     CD Tony Nomination - Featured Actress in a Musical
  Cinderella 2002 The Fairy Godmother The Kennedy Center     bootleg video  
  Nine 2003 Liliane
La Fleur
Eugene O'Neill Theatre   US   Eartha returns to Broadway
  Books by Eartha            
  Title Year            
  Thursday's Child 1956         Hard Cover Paperback  
  Alone with Me 1976         Hardback  
  I'm Still Here - Confessions of a Sex Kitten 1991         Hardback Paperback  
  Rejuvinate! It's Never Too Late 2001         Hardcover/CD (Audio Books)  

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